Q: Is everything hand made?

A: Everything shown, except for the coffee sleeves, was made with my two hands.  They're really busy hands!  The coffee sleeves are proudly made in the USA and come from a great little mill in Texas.

Q: Do you knit custom pieces?

A: Absolutely!  Whether it's a design you have in mind or something that you'd like to come from my mind, I like to make knitted magic happen.  Email stephanie@prettyoffensive.com with inquiries.


Q: Can you make things that are not offensive?

A: Obvs, and I do (mostly baby crap for procreating friends).  Profane things are just more fun.


Q: How do you price your work?

A: Knitting is a beast, and by a beast, I mean that it takes a lot of time to make beautiful things. Just think - I'm touching every single stitch of whatever I make.  On top of that, yarn can also be expensive.  At the end of the day, it ends up being a balance of cost of time and materials. I'll work with you to make sure it's a happy balance.